Islam and Its Teachings

Understand Islam and its basics

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We are offering the course to understand the teaching of Islam. It sounds real, simple! However, for some of us, it isn't very clear.

Did you ever imagine it? Every day, a new life emerges and old depart. Every morning sunrise and die at sunset. Each night moon appears with a new phase. Even birds and insects are busy in their daily routine.
Did you ever ask yourself? Where I came? Where will I go? What is the purpose of my life? Who is my Lord?
Insha Allah, In this course, you will find answers to all such questions. Some important points that will be discussed in this course are:
  • What would be the best religion?
  • What is the definition of Islam?
  • What is the meaning of worshipper and worship?
What are the beliefs of Muslims, the unity of God (Tawheed), Angels, Prophets, Holy Books, the Day of Judgement?
So do not wait, time is running out, enroll now. May Allah reward the understanding of Islam (in other words by understanding the purpose of your life)

Your Instructor

Sadaf Butt
Sadaf Butt

My name is Sadaf butt. I am a Quran Teacher and Ustadha. I am from Pakistan. My goal is to make Quran teaching easy and interactive to my students.

I am doing my Alima course from Madarsa Ali ul Murtaza ilhaq (registered) with wifaqul madaris (Darja Aalia).I have completed Muallima (Tajweed/Recitation) Course with all the rules and regulations of Arabic language from reputable Madarsa. I have been teaching Tajweed Courses several years to all ages.

I am a passionate learner of Quran and related education. I have completed most of the Quranic Tafseer and translation. I have done several courses of Hadees, Tafseer, and Aqaid with distinction. Nevertheless, I have a good understanding of Arabic Grammer Ilmu-ul-Nahav and Ilmu-ul-Sarf.

Also, I am currently writing Translations and Tafseer or the Holy Book. Recently, I have completed my Masters in Uloom-e-Islami (Islamic studies) with majors in Quran Tafseer Arabic, ALfiqa Tarikhul, Fiqa Hadees / Usoole Hadees and Islamic history.

I am also conducting lectures at local universities and schools.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for this course?
There is no requirement for this course.Any one who wants to know the meaning of Islam and its basic beliefs should buy this course.
What i will get after this course?
InshaaALLAH after listening this course you will be able to know the reality of your life,the purpose of your life,reality of this world and the goal of your life.
Is it necessary to be a Muslim to listen this lesson?
No! students we are providing this knowledge to educate our all mulims and non-muslims brothers sisters too.
Is it one time paid course?

Yes its only one time paid course no extra charges will apply .

Do i need any book for this course?

No need of any book for this course .This course includes notes in term of slides (presentation) with arabic verses and its english translation.

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